Raising the Rafters for Wath Parish Church

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Raising the Rafters an Amazing Success

Saturday 10th November Wath Morris spent the day raising money for repairs to the roof of Wath Parish Church and were delighted to raise over £720.  The day started with morris dancing and a collection through the streets of Wath before dancing a “Jig-a-thon” in the town square.  This entailed performing as many one and two man morris jigs in one hour as possible (and raising sponsorship money per jig completed).  The towel was finally thrown in when the exhausted dancers got to 20 jigs in 53 minutes!

The main fundraiser was the “Raise the Rafters” event in Wath Rugby Club held in the evening.  This featured further dancing from the team as well as an exciting selection of folk songs and monologues from team members and parishioners.  The evening was rounded off with a couple of songs from the whole team including the Holmfirth Anthem and Wild Mountain Thyme.

Said bagman Tim Binns:

“The whole day was an amazing success and the evening was one of those events where you wish everyone you knew could be there to appreciate the immense talent we have here in Wath.  Raising over £720 was just the icing on the cake.”

As visitors left at the end of the evening there were calls for regular events like this and the team were delighted to point out that a similar evening, though on a Christmas theme, will happen as part of the Wath Fire festival on Sunday 23rd December, once again in the Rugby Club.


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