16th Pretty Villages Tour - Now with added women

Posted by Wath Morris on Friday, June 14, 2019

16th Annual Pretty Villages Tour

Wath Morris are delighted to announce the details of their 16th Annual Pretty Villages Tour taking place on Saturday 22nd June.  For the first time in 16 years Wath Morris will be performing as a mixed team including women.

After dancing for 47 years as a male only team, the decision was taken this year to invite women into the team.  This was a major change but has seen the team grow dramatically in size and almost one third of the dancers on the tour are women, a fantastic achievement for them since they only started practicing after Christmas.

The “Pretty Villages” tour is an effort to dance in some of the most beautiful (yet least recognised) villages in England, found right here in our local area.  This year the focus of the tour is on the North Sheffield area heading into the foothills of the Pennines.

Said Tim Binns, Bagman for the tour: “We have been invited to, and danced, all over the UK and also in Europe.  Our hosts always take us to beautiful villages but we have some of the most beautiful little villages here in South Yorkshire and we decided 16 years ago to make a special effort once per year and dance these quiet rural spots which are so close to home.  We take a different point on the compass each year and this year we are touring the beautiful rolling hills to the north of Sheffield”

“Many beautiful villages are bereft of performing arts and this is our chance to put on free displays for local people.  Our performances will include a selection of morris handkerchief and stick dances as well as traditional Yorkshire sword dancing and at some spots we will add traditional and contemporary folk songs and music.  This is a unique opportunity for villages to join us in celebrating the best of British Folk Culture.”

Tour details are as follows: 


10.00          Elsecar Heritage Centre

11.15          Wortley               

12.30          The Castle Inn, Bolsterstones

  2.45          Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield


4.00          The Schoolroom, Low Bradfield


5.00          Cubley Hall, Cubley, Penistone                 


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